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Screen Readers 

Screen Readers are computer programs that allows a blind or visually impaired person to use the computer by interpreting the text that appears on the screen and transforming it into a voice that can be heard through the speaker. The Township is committed to being responsive to the needs of its residents and wants to ensure its services are available in an accessible manner, if you require assistive technology some of the most recognized screen readers are listed below for download:

Link for NVDA Non-Visual Desktop Access 

Link for JAWS Job Access with Speech 

Link for Apples VoiceOver 


 Huron Accessibility Plan

The County of Huron Accessibility Plan is a joint initiative of all municipal councils within the county. It is developed by the HCAAC in collaboration with the Huron County Disability Act Working Group. As a lower tier of the County of Huron, we are encompassed under the County’s Accessibility Plan.

The Council of the Township of North Huron at the January 13th, 2020 Council Meeting endorsed the:

By-Law 06-2020 Accessibility Plan

Schedule A: Huron County Annual Accessibility Plan – 2020

This plan is prepared annually and includes:

  • Measures taken to identify, remove and prevent barriers to persons with disabilities;
  • Measures to ensure proposals for bylaws, programs, practices and services are considered for their effect on accessibility;
  • Creating a list of by-laws, policies, programs, practices and services that will be reviewed in the next year to identify, prevent and remove barriers.

Accessibility Standard for Information and Communications

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities standards established by the Ontario government are the rules that businesses and organizations in Ontario will follow to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.

The Township of North Huron’s accessibility standards for customer service ensure that our goods and services are accessible to everyone.
Accessible formats and communication supports are available by contacting the Township of North Huron Municipal Office.

Accessibility Information and Communication Request
Accessibility Customer Service Feedback Form

Accessibility laws

Ontario has laws to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Learn about the standards you need to follow and reporting deadlines for complying with accessibility requirements.

Learn more by following the links below: