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Aquatic Personal Training


NHWCC Fitness Centre /

Available by Appointment 519.357.1208 Ext 23

Enjoy personalized training unique to your needs! Work with a certified Aquatic Personal Trainer to set goals & achieve positive results. Our trainers are supportive, mature and have many years of experience in aquatics.

Why choose Aquatic Personal Training?
Natural buoyancy of water protects joints and allows greater freedom of movement
Low to non-weight bearing
Decreases Swelling
Increases Blood Supply
Naturally Massages Body

Personalize Your Training Goals
Strength & Endurance
Range of Motion
Weight Management
Pre & Post Surgery

One-on-One Training
Cost:$35.75 per session, $168 5 sessions, $300 10 sessions (plus tax)

Small Group Training
Cost: $20+tax per person, per session, Max. 5 per group