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Blyth Living Tree




The Township of North Huron encourages donations to the Blyth Living Tree, and for projects to be funded by the Blyth Leaf Account. 

The Blyth Living Tree is a display located in the lobby of the Blyth and District Community Centre.  Plaques are added in memoriam.  The Living Tree is owned and maintained by the Township of North Huron.  It was erected as part of the Heart and Soul renovations to the Blyth and District Community Centre.

The Blyth Leaf Account is a reserve account that is part of the North Huron accounts.  Donations made to the Blyth Living Tree are tracked and kept in this reserve account.


The Living Tree was established as a community fundraising program and donations are made as memorial gifts.  Funds are collected in the Blyth Leaf Account and funds are directed toward an improvement project at the Blyth and District Community Centre and the grounds.  With a recommendation of the Blyth and District Community Centre Board, North Huron Council dissolved the Blyth Arena Board on August 22, 2016.  The request of the Blyth and District Community Centre Board was that the Blyth Leaf Account would continue to exist and projects would be approved by Blyth community groups as it had been in the past.

Criteria of Spending the Leaf Account:

The Leaf Account funds are to be used for projects for the betterment of the BDCC (Blyth and District Community Centre) and grounds:

  • Funds are for projects that invest in betterment of the BDCC and grounds.
  • Items are tangible improvement and not used for programming or consumable items.
  • Funds are for improvements and not to be used for routine maintenance of the facility.
  • Funds may be directed toward new or the replacement of Capital items that have reached their life expectancy, and are desired by the community to be replaced.
  • Items purchased through the funds will become the property of the Township of North Huron and included in the facility inventory for insurance and asset management.

Approval Process:

The Township of North Huron Council has final approval of how the funds will be spent.  Requests will not be unreasonably withheld or denied, however in considering the request the Township must:

  • Evaluate if the improvement will increase operating expenses, and if so whether the     Municipality is willing to support the improvement on an ongoing basis in the operating budget.
  • Ensure the improvement will benefit the Blyth community as a whole.
  • Evaluate the expense of maintenance and long term asset management of the improvement.
  • Evaluate if the improvement fits into the strategic plan and goals of the Township of North Huron.
  • The process for intake, review, and approval of purchases will be managed by the North Huron Recreation and Facilities Department.
  • Throughout the year, North Huron will collect recommendations for spending funds in the account.
  • Recommendations will be submitted to North Huron via a form that requires that the recommender complete all sections of the form for the item to be considered.  It is not the responsibility of the Township of North Huron staff to research the item, however the Blyth Facilities Manager can assist with building specifications if needed.
  • Annually, the department will host a meeting in Blyth where the recommendations are considered.  Representatives of the different building user groups will be invited to attend the meeting.  Each building user group will be awarded one vote toward the decision process.  North Huron staff will facilitate the process, but will not have a vote.  If no submissions are received by the designated deadline, no meeting for that year will be called, and funds will roll over to the next meeting the following year for consideration of submissions.
  • A quorum of 5 user groups must be present for a decision to be binding.
  • Meetings are open to the public, and more than one user group representative is invited to attend, but the user group is allocated only one vote.  North Huron staff will establish a procedure for identifying who the voting representative of the user group is.
  • Decisions that achieve a majority vote by the user groups will be forwarded by staff to North Huron Council for consideration. 

Community Awareness/Marketing

In order for the process to work, and for the Blyth Living Tree to continue to be relevant, North Huron will publicize the program by:

  • Advertising the annual meeting of the Leaf Account in the local paper for one week.
  • Sending invitations to the user groups to attend the annual meeting.
  • Informing the public via the Rec and Leisure Guide and/or the North Huron web site of the program and process for submitting recommendations or spending the funds.
  • Permanently displaying information about the program in a visible area at the Blyth and District Community Centre.
  • Making forms available on-line at the North Huron website, and at the Blyth and District Community Centre.