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Sports Wall of Fame




The team must have won a recognizable Provincial, National or International Championship (i.e.: OMHA, OHA, OASA/PWSA-Softball). The team must be from Wingham.  Only one picture of a team will be posted on the wall, therefore it is recommended that teams are nominated once they have completed their minor sports career. That way all their successes will be captured in their application and identified on the Wall of Fame.


An athlete is someone from Wingham or represented Wingham as an athlete and must have excelled in one or more disciplines with distinction. He/she must have competed at Provincial, National or International levels. Amateur and professional athletes are included in this category. Individuals who have played for teams outside our area and have won Provincial or National Championships will be considered under this category. There will be a five year period of inactivity in the area for which they have been nominated before being considered, this is to ensure that they have retired and that all their successes will captured on the plaque. Certain extenuating circumstances may alter considerations (i.e.: terminal illness etc.).


Individuals or organizations from Wingham or that support Wingham teams or sport organizations will be considered under this category. Builders may be nominated if they are currently still active as long as they have a minimum of 30 years of service. If they are no longer active they must have a served a minimum of 15 years and have been inactive for at least 5 years. Certain extenuating circumstances may alter considerations (i.e.: terminal illness etc.).


The collection of nomination will be ongoing at the North Huron Wescast Community Complex. All submitted prior to Sept 7th, will be considered for that year’s induction ceremony. The ceremony will take place annually during the Midget Silverstick Tournament, in November each year.

The Sports Wall of Fame nominating committee will have final say on inductions to the Wall of Fame. A maximum of five will be inducted each year.

The committee will keep all nominations for five years and all will be considered each year. If after five years the nomination has not been selected, it will no longer be considered unless it is re-submitted.

All nomination forms must be complete and a photo must accompany the nomination for it to be considered by the committee.