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General Information

The Building Department's main objective is to provide the best professional service to administer and enforce the Ontario Building Code. Through the examination of plans, issuance of building permits, and performing inspections, we ensure compliance with building standards of the Ontario Building Code and ensure health and safety, fire protection and structural sufficiently in buildings in which we live, work, and play.

The website will provide you with valuable information, whether you plan to build a wood deck, are interested in building a new home, would like to install an outdoor pool or searching for information about fees and other charges, and more.

We are here to help with zoning inquiries, building code information / technical advice and to be of assistance during the entire construction process.

If you need more information we invite you to contact us directly: 

Kirk Livingston   Garret Cleghorn
Chief Building Official   Building Assistant
klivingston@morristurnberry.ca   gcleghorn@morristurnberry.ca  
519-887-6137 ext. 22   519-887-6137 ext. 28

To book an inspection please provide 24-48 hours notice and contact the Building Department directly at 519-887-6137 ext. 22 or ext. 28




The permit holder is responsible for contacting the Building department when the work is ready for inspection.

Booking an Inspection

Please contact the building department 24 to 48 hours prior to when you need the inspection. To arrange an inspection for your project call 519-887-6137 ext. 22 or ext. 28

 Required information when calling in and booking an inspection

  • Permit number
  • Type of inspection
  • Street address of construction
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number

Upon completion of the inspection the inspector will notify you of any deficiencies noted and how to proceed.

The building permit lists the inspection(s) required or STAGES OF CONSTRUCTION REQUIRING NOTICE.

Each building permit issued will be accompanied by a separate sheet that indicates when the permit holder is to contact the building department for an inspection.

Examples are listed below:

  • Excavation complete
  • Footings formed (prior to concrete)
  • Under floor slab drains and/or plumbing
  • Foundation complete prior to backfill
  • Framing - prior to insulation
  • Plumbing - rough in with test on
  • HVAC - rough in
  • Insulation / Vapour barrier - prior to covering
  • Air Barrier - prior to starting exterior cladding
  • Services - installation of sanitary, storm and water services
  • Final plumbing inspection
  • Occupancy inspection
  • Final building inspection (Lot grading complete)

NOTE: The Township does not review or inspect electrical work. Contact the Electrical Safety Authority at 1-877-372-7233 for electrical permits.