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Alice Munro Labour Market Partnership


Alice Munro’s award of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013 was a celebration for all Canadians. Her award was especially thrilling for her hometown area of Huron County, Ontario who have been ardent supporters of Munro and her contributions to the international literary world. More exciting for the entire of Huron County was the dramatic activity and interest in our area, especially those places and organizations closely linked to Munro’s literary career: the Alice Munro Literary Gardens, the North Huron Museum, and The Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival.

Alice Munro Partnership Group

With support from The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, the Alice Munro Partnership Group came together to explore the benefits of a coordinated approach to community events and activities that will support the cultural sector in Huron County and foster new opportunities for its residents and visitors.

 The Alice Munro Partnership Group is comprised of:

  • Township of North Huron;
  • Municipality of Central Huron;
  • Municipality of Morris-Turnberry; and
  • County of Huron.


The collaborators agree that a foundation has been established to support the “Alice Munro Country” brand and now is the opportunity to determine whether there is the capacity and capabilities to create a formal strategy to bolster tourism and cultural industries in the region resulting in more jobs and economic growth.

We believe the feasibility studies will strengthen the current collaborators’ ability to craft a multifaceted blueprint for moving into the next phase of the region’s cultural development, which in turn will strengthen the local economy.

The global magnification on Alice Munro and her childhood home presents us with new and innovative cultural opportunities and avenues of possibility. The objectives of this project are to identify and assess how the cultural sector can be supported through coordinated planning (e.g. tourism and destination) and exploring the potential for more jobs in the sector.

 Project Activities

While there are numerous avenues the Partnership could explore vis-a vis the economic and job creation potential of Munro’s Nobel Prize award, efforts will be focused in 5 areas:

  1. International Tourism;
  2. Digital Literacy/Technology;
  3. Museum Development;
  4. Literacy Programming; and
  5. Festival Development with specific focus on the Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival.

Final Report

Information from the five feasibililty studies, along with input from community partners and stakeholders resulted in the creation of Builidng the Literary Landscape: The Growth Potential in Alice Munro Country CULMINATING REPORT - Road Map for Action.