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Council and Committee Delegation Request

First Steps ... Contact Township Staff

If you have a concern about something happening in the municipality, contact Township Staff to discuss the issue before registering as a delegation. Some citizen concerns can be addressed by Township staff without having to go to Council for a decision.

If your issue cannot be resolved by staff, staff can then advise you of the next steps to address your concerns, which may include appearing before Council and/or committee.

Submit a Delegation Request

If after discussing your concern with staff, you wish to appear as a delegation, you must submit a written request to the Clerk using the Delegation Request Form.

The Clerk will make a determination whether your delegation will be placed on the agenda.  The Clerk or the Reeve may refuse a delegation request at their discretion if the matter is deemed to be routine or administrative in nature and can be referred to staff for quick resolution; the matter is not within the jurisdiction or normal realm of council business; the request is repetitive, vexatious or frivolous in nature; or any other reason deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

Any communication or correspondence that is to be presented to Council or Committee shall be legibly written, typed, or printed and shall not contain any obscene or defamatory language and shall be signed by at least one person and filed with the Clerk or Recording Secretary no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

The Clerk's office will arrange to schedule you on the appropriate agenda and confirm the meeting date and time with you.

The Clerk will distribute your communications or correspondence and the meeting agenda to Council members. It will also be posted on the Township of North Huron website so that the Council members and general public have a chance to consider the information before the meeting. Personal information except for your name will be removed before distribution.  If you have questions, contact the Clerk's Office during business hours at 519-357-3550.

What to Expect at a Meeting

Who Attends?

Councillors as well as Township staff and members of the public will be at the meeting. Council meetings are "open" meetings which means that any person who wants to attend the meeting can do so. However, to address Council you first need to be listed on the agenda as a delegation.

How to Present

Delegation presentations are at the beginning of the meeting. The Chair will open the meeting and then invite you to come to the table. You will have 10 minutes to make your presentation. If there are multiple people wishing to express their concerns, you will be encouraged to choose one spokesperson to present within the allotted time frame. It is helpful to write down what you want to say before the meeting. Council members and staff might ask questions to better understand your concern or request.

As a delegation, you should not speak disrespectfully of any person, use offensive words, speak on any subject other than the subject for which you have received approval, disobey any decision of the Chair or enter into debate with other delegations, staff or Council members.

Recording Notification

Meetings of Council and Committees may be attended by the media and are live streamed and recorded by Township staff over the internet.  Please note that your image may be seen as part of this broadcast.  If you have questions, contact the Clerk's Office during business hours at 519-357-3550.

Please note that all Council and/or committee meetings are open (except those meetings authorized by law to be closed to the public) and your comments may be reported in the newspaper, on the radio, or on the internet.

Please note comments made at an open meeting by a member of the public or delegation become part of the public record.

What Happens Next?

The purpose of a delegation is to provide information to Council. After hearing your presentation and asking questions, Council may refer the matter to staff to gather information or prepare a report.

Agendas and Meeting Dates

You may obtain a copy of the agenda on the Friday prior to the meeting from the Clerk's Department or from our Agendas and Minutes page. Please note that meeting dates are subject to change.