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Friday October 11th, 2013

For Immediate Release
Friday, October 11, 2013


The Township of North Huron’s waste diversion strategies are making a noticeable impact at its landfill according to data from its Public Works department.

North Huron implemented clear bags in March 2012 and since then there has been a considerable decrease in the amount of garbage going to the Wingham Landfill, and an increase in recycling. 

Garbage Collected  (Tonnes)  

  Residential 2012 2011
a) Curbside Collection   401.66 1004.03
b)  Drop-off Depots    156.60 1182.62
c) Wingham Landfill Residential Waste   156.60 572.20
d) East Wawanosh Landfill Residential Waste   9.82 15.70
Total   724.68 2774.55
Recycling Collected (Tonnes)      
a) Curbside Collection         515.61 464.72
b) East Wawanosh Residential Recycling      13.65 4.32
Total   529.26 469.04

“I’d like to thank North Huron residents and businesses for their commitment and cooperation in helping us divert waste from our landfill, protect our environment, and prolong the use of our landfill” said North Huron’s Public Works Director Kelly Church.    “We’ll continue to work with the community, our engineer, the County of Huron, and other stakeholders to promote and increase diversion, maximize landfill capacity, and reduce costs.”

In addition to the Blue Box program, North Huron has other waste diversion programs for household hazardous waste, used tires, electronics, scrap metal, roof shingles, and yard waste.

North Huron has also undertaken initiatives designed to maximize landfill capacity including compaction improvements and obtaining Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) from the Ministry of the Environment for multi-material separation at the Wingham Landfill.  Staff are also reviewing North Huron’s waste management operations to identify and implement efficiencies and cost savings including the negotiation of its current waste management contract and developing options regarding the East Wawanosh landfill which is open one day per month.

Municipalities are responsible for the ownership, operation, and perpetual care of municipal landfill sites, and this includes decisions regarding recycling and curbside waste collection arrangements.  The Township of North Huron owns and operates two landfills (Wingham and East Wawanosh) and it has long-term environmental responsibilities with the Blyth Hullett Landfill.


For more information, contact:
Kelly Church, Director of Public Works                                           Gary Long, CAO/Clerk
519-357-3550 x.27                                                                          519-357-3550 x.24
kchurch@northhuron.ca                                                                  glong@northhuron.ca