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Township Warning Residents - Door to Door Sales for Water Filtration Quality Services

Tuesday October 25th, 2016

Date:                         October 25, 2016
For Release:            Immediate 

Township warning residents about door-to-door sales people making false claims about the Township’s water quality and/or the need purchase filtration systems

The Township of North Huron has been notified by concerned residents of an issue involving door to door sales of water filtration systems, with reports that the salesperson has implied that they are working for the Township of North Huron. The Township of North Huron does not conduct or hire contractors to conduct door-to-door sales of items relating to the municipal water system.

Water filtration sales representatives

The Township of North Huron does not sell or endorse water treatment equipment for residents using the municipal water supply systems.

Safe drinking water for our residents

The Township of North Huron works with Veolia Canada to provide safe drinking water to residents using the municipal water supply system. Drinking water in the Township’s municipal system undergoes treatment to meet the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standard. Samples are collected and tested routinely by a licensed operator employed by Veolia, with annual water quality reports available on the Township website.

What to do if a sales person shows up at your door

Door-to-door sales people may ask to conduct an in-house water test or to examine the water inside the house. They may make false claims that the water testing/filtration system is mandatory.

If someone shows up at your door, remember the following to protect yourself from scams:

  • Did you request this house call? (Township of North Huron or Veolia staff typically will not visit without arranging an appointment)
  • If in doubt, call the Public Works department directly at 519-357-3550 ext. 128
  • Ask for ID! (Township of North Huron or Veolia employees will have some form of ID relating to the Township or Veolia)
  • Don’t feel pressured to sign contracts or papers on the spot (The Township of North Huron does not sell water treatment devices)
  • Never give out your personal information.