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The Fire Department of North Huron (FDNH) will continue to have the un-wavering support of the Council of the Township of North Huron

Tuesday May 29th, 2012

For Immediate Release 
May 29, 2012


The Fire Department of North Huron (FDNH) will continue to have the un-wavering support of the Council of the Township of North Huron.

Since the formation of the FDNH and under the direction of the late Fire Chief John Black, North Huron Council has been steadfast and unshakeable in its goal of achieving a legally compliant fire department.  North Huron Council as such will not under any circumstance compromise training, equipment, or equipment testing in an effort to reduce a fire department budget.  The safety and lives of our firefighters and the people they protect is far more important than a budget line that reduces their ability to provide this service.

Chief Black once said, “The role of the fire department is to help prevent fires from happening and be prepared when a fire does happen to reduce risk and damage to people and property.”  How do you put a value on that?

Following the Public Meeting hosted by Morris-Turnberry Council on May 24th, North Huron Council has heard and is listening to constituents in both municipalities as they express a desire for both Councils to work toward a solution and cooperate in the future.  North Huron Council is prepared to meet with the Council of Morris-Turnberry to discuss Fire Service and other areas of service provided to residents of both municipalities.  These services include recreation, libraries, cemeteries, industrial land, residential land, revenue sharing, water, sewers and other items of mutual interest.

The Council of North Huron is open to discussions and willing to work with Morris-Turnberry Council as we move into the future as long as it is mutually beneficial to both municipalities.

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