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North Huron Council Receives Blyth B.R + E. Report

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last night North Huron Council received a presentation regarding the Blyth Business Retention and Expansion (B.R.+E) Report from Consultant Genny Smith and County of Huron Business Development Co-ordinator Douglas Barill.  

Although initially taken aback by some of the statements in the report of North Huron Council and its support of Blyth, Council acknowledged that they need to address the perception of the Blyth business community that Council has not supported them enough and there needs to be improved communications.  Since 2005, North Huron has invested almost $2.5 million in Blyth for various projects, initiatives, and to maintain and enhance the community’s key cultural and tourist assets.  A list of these investments is attached.

“Economic development and support for our businesses and downtowns are key priorities in our strategic plan,” said Reeve Neil Vincent.  “North Huron Council look forward to working with Blyth businesses to implement the recommendations in the B.R. + E. report and making investments to strengthen and leverage Blyth’s assets and capitalize on the tremendous opportunities of this vibrant community.”

“We’ll continue to work with Blyth businesses to create the conditions for our existing businesses to thrive and to help position Blyth for new investment, new businesses, and business expansion,” said CAO/Clerk Gary Long.  “We look forward to working with the community on our strategic plan and having a community wide discussion regarding implementation of the Blyth Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.”

The Blyth B.R. + E. report was developed in conjunction with the Blyth Business Improvement Association, the Township of North Huron, Huron County and OMAFRA.  The report was developed through a process which included surveying 32 Blyth businesses in order for them to provide their feedback and concerns and to address issues to retain, assist and grow local businesses.


For more information, contact:
Neil Vincent, Reeve                                                                           Gary Long, CAO/Clerk
519-357-2336                                                                                    519-357-3550 x.24


Blyth Festival Marketing Partnership  -  $20,000 annually for past 4 years
Blyth Festival - Electrical Upgrades (2011) -  $16,000
Blyth Festival - other programs - $5,000 annually
Memorial Hall – exterior improvements (2006)  - $140,000
Memorial Hall – new flooring (2010)  - $10,000
Memorial Hall – exterior upgrades (2010/2011) - $88,000 (partnership with Festival & Trillium)
ESTC Building - $1.2 million
Full-time ESTC Coordinator - $50,000
New Tanker – Fire Department  -  Blyth Station - $313,000
John Deere Tractor - Blyth Works Yard- $62,000
Blyth Campground expansion (2006) -  $159,000
Blyth Campground – New Shed (2009) -  $80,000
Blyth Campground – hydro upgrades (2011) - $14,000
Blyth Downtown Streetscape Master Plan – Consultant - $10,000
Blyth Library –annual rent -  $12,000
Blyth Ball Diamond Upgrades (2009) - $15,000