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Thursday November 8th, 2012


For Immediate Release
November 8, 2012

North Huron Council and staff met last night with Blyth business owners and key stakeholders to address issues raised in the Blyth Business Retention & Expansion Report (BR+E) and to discuss the importance of working together on an economic development strategy and action plan that complements North Huron’s Strategic Plan.  North Huron Council, the Blyth Business Improvement Association (BIA), and the Blyth Idea Group (BIG) have agreed on the following:

  • to work together in support of the goals and actions in the Strategic Plan; 
  • to develop and execute a 10 year Economic Development Plan for Blyth, including completion of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan; 
  • to have bi-annual roundtable discussions to address issues and concerns; 
  • to schedule a meeting with County of Huron elected officials and staff to discuss issues impacting new businesses and opportunities to partner on Blyth projects;  
  • North Huron Council will reconsider their decision to erect 2 hours parking signs in the downtown core at their November 19th Council meeting; 
  • to schedule a meeting for December or early January to begin community discussions and explore funding opportunities for the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.

“We want to work together with Blyth businesses and community stakeholders on an economic development plan to focus our time and resources strategically and build on the transformation underway,” said North Huron CAO/Clerk Gary Long.  “To address challenges and capitalize on the current and emerging opportunities in Blyth, we need to approach every issue as an economic issue within a clear plan for the community – it’s time to get started.”


For more information, contact:
Gary Long, CAO/Clerk
519-357-3550 x.24