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North Huron Building Department Reports Substantial Increase in Building Permit Value in 2012

Friday November 23rd, 2012



                                                                                                                                           For Immediate Release
November  23, 2012


North Huron Building Department Reports Substantial Increase in
Building Permit Value in 2012

The Township of North Huron building department is reporting substantial growth in permit revenue and construction value in the municipality in 2012.  Dave Black CBO reported 73 permits were issued this calendar year to date representing a construction value of $14.549 million, up from $4.781 million for 2011.  Revenue generated by permits in 2012 was $97,516.42. Income obtained from building permits allows the department to operate without impacting the tax base.. 


Construction values in the municipality in 2012 include; agricultural construction-$1.351 million, institutional construction-$10.562 million, residential-$1.952 million, other-$.684 million.


Chief Building Official, Dave Black reported,”the issuance of permits started slowly at the beginning of the year, but a consistent growth in the number of permits has reflected the increase in permit revenue and construction value for the Township of North Huron. The construction of the Maitland River Elementary School certainly is an added value that reflects 72% of the total construction value and 30% of the permit revenue for the construction year of 2012.  With many projects being proposed for 2013 we are expecting next year to have a positive economic development effect on the building department.”.




For more information, contact:
Dave Black,                                              Connie Goodall,
Chief Building Official                            Economic Development Officer
Township of North Huron
                    Township of North Huron
519-357-3550 Ext. 41
dblack@northhuron.ca                             cgoodall@northhuron.ca