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North Huron welcomes Apex Helicopters to the Richard W. LeVan Airport

Wednesday February 20th, 2013

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release
Monday February 19, 2013

North Huron welcomes Apex Helicopters to the Richard W. LeVan Airport

Chris Vankoughnett, chief pilot and owner of Apex Helicopters Inc. attended North Huron Council on February 18th to introduce his business to the community. Apex Helicopters is the newest addition to the Richard W. LeVan airport in Wingham.

With the business growing, Mr. Vankoughnett was searching for a new home for his business and the airport in Wingham fit the bill. Purchasing a hangar and renting office space in the terminal building, Apex Helicopters is a thriving commercial addition to the operations at the airport.

Apex Helicopters provides a number of services, principally crop spraying for farmers. They also provide site seeing and fire fighting and a variety of other aerial services. The company has 7 employees and operates 3 helicopters and will be adding 2 more heavy lift fire support helicopters for the 2014 season as well as 4 more ground crew and 1 more full time office personal. “We want to thank North Huron for the warm welcome to the area. The reason we selected Wingham was the available hangar space as well as the option for office space. Furthermore the airport is a perfect location for the service we provide.” highlighted Chris Vankoughnett.

North Huron Council is delighted to welcome Apex Helicopters to the airport. “Economic Development is a high priority for Council and staff in North Huron. This is encouraging news for our community. In addition to the commercial spin offs that a new business brings to the area, it will also result in significant fuel sales at the airport.” explained Reeve Neil Vincent. Reeve Vincent also chairs the Airport Committee and will be delivering the news to this group at an upcoming meeting in March.

For more information please contact:
Chris Vankoughnett
Apex Helicopters
Email: apexhelicoptersinc@live.com
Web site: www.apexhelicoptersinc.com

Pat Newson
Director of Recreation and Facilities
Township of North Huron
519-357-1208 x22