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Monday April 8th, 2013

For Immediate Release
Monday, April 8, 2013


The Township of North Huron is pleased to announce that Europarts has purchased the former East Wawanosh Public School and will be repurposing the facility to become their Canadian warehousing and distribution facility and call centre.

Europarts will move it’s current facility from Lucknow to Belgrave later this spring and are planning to be operational by June.  Given the increased size of their facility and their ability to warehouse and distribute parts for more European suppliers, the company is planning to hire an additional eight to ten full-time employees.  Currently, they have eleven full-time employees.

“This investment by Europarts creates full-time jobs and economic activity in North Huron, expands our tax base, retains and attracts residents, repurposes a vacant rural school, and ultimately it helps to reposition and strengthen our rural communities for the future,” said North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent.  “Henry van Heesch is to be commended for his perseverance over the past several months and his enthusiasm for and commitment to this project in North Huron.”

“We’re very excited about moving into our facility in Belgrave and being able to expand our company and workforce as a result of increased warehouse space and new contracts with European suppliers,” said Europarts President Henry van Heesch.  “Our company is also looking forward to upgrading our commercial property along Highway 86, the former Jags Roadhouse, and opening a new retail location for The European Appliance Store.”

Euro-parts was incorporated in 1997 as a spare parts and technical information provider in North America for high-end imported appliances and it also operates The European Appliance Store with a parts and service division.  For more information, visit www.euro-parts.ca and www.theeuropeanapplicancestore.ca


For further information, contact:
Neil Vincent, Reeve                                                               Henry van Heesch, President
519-357-2336                                                                         519-528-5005
vinbrofarms@rogers.com                                                      henryv@euro-parts.ca

Gary Long, CAO/Clerk
519-357-3550 x.24