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North Huron Council Reviews Draft 2014 Budget

Thursday January 23rd, 2014

North Huron Council Reviews Draft 2014 Budget
North Huron Council and staff met this morning to review the first draft of the 2014 budget.  Donna White, North Huron’s Director of Finance provided a detailed overview of projected revenue and expenditures, proposed capital projects, and key priorities for 2014.
The following principles have been established to guide the budget process and decision-making:
• The budget is a detailed plan outlining the Township’s priorities for 2014;
• Identifying and implementing cost savings and efficiencies is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop with the passage of the budget;
• Maintaining programs and services is essential;
• Expenditures must be consistent with and linked to either a departmental business plan or the Township’s Asset Management Plan, and our Strategic Plan;
• Tax increases must be kept to between 2% and 3% to ensure competitiveness;
• Supporting existing businesses and attracting business investment are top priorities for Council and local residents;
• Partnerships with neighbouring municipalities, the County and key community stakeholders are important in helping us provide programs and services and attract economic development;
• Communicating budget information is a priority and staff will continue to use a variety of tools and venues to inform and engage residents.
“North Huron, along with other small municipalities, is facing challenges that make the annual budget process a difficult one,” said Reeve Neil Vincent.  “At the same time, we’re maintaining our programs and services, investing in infrastructure, municipal facilities and equipment, and we have plans to capitalize on the economic activity and momentum we’re experiencing throughout the Township - 2014 will be a positive and productive year.”
The next budget meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., in the North Huron Council Chambers.
For more information, contact:
Gary Long, CAO/Clerk                                                          Reeve Neil Vincent
519-357-3550 x24                                                                  519-357-2336
Donna White, Director of Finance
519-357-3550 x26