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North Huron and Sparling's Propane Partner on New Olympia

Wednesday March 5th, 2014


The Blyth and District Community Centre is getting a new Olympia Ice Resurfacer thanks to a partnership between the Township of North Huron and Sparling’s Propane.

The new Olympia was purchased from Resurfice Corporation located in Elmira.  The new machine is equipped with a Laser Ice Levelling System.  This system ensures ice thickness quality and energy efficiency for the facility, and reduces time spent on ice maintenance.  A laser system allows staff to set the ice thickness, and the system checks each time the ice is resurfaced, adjusting the blade height as it performs each flood.  The blade cuts more or less ice as required – leaving the ice at a standard thickness for best energy efficiency and safety for ice users. 

"Sparling's supports hundreds of Ontario events and organizations each year - including unique opportunities in Blyth, where the company was founded.  Sparling's was a major corporate donor in support of the Blyth and District Community Centre (BDCC) renovation and expansion in 2002, including its donation of Blyth's first ice resurfacing machine. BDCC is a source of activity and vitality in the community and in the spirit of community, we are pleased to donate to a new Olympia, " said Steven Sparling.

The total cost of the Olympia was $94,840.   The Township received $32,000 as a trade-in, leaving a balance of $62,840.   North Huron contributed $38,700 from its ice resurfacer reserve account and Sparling’s Propane donated $24,140.

“It was time to replace the Olympia donated by Sparling’s in 2002, and when North Huron reached out to Sparling’s, they did not hesitate to make a significant donation,” said Pat Newson, North Huron’s Director of Recreation and Facilities.

“We are highly appreciative of this donation from Sparling’s Propane,” said North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent.  “We’re committed to providing exceptional ice quality and recreation facilities to the users of the Blyth and District Community Centre.  It is all made possible through community donations like this one from Sparling’s.”