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North Huron Council chooses eSCRIBE for Paperless Agendas

Thursday December 10th, 2015

Preparation of meeting agendas and minutes have historically been manual processes demanding a significant commitment of time from administration staff.  As the scope of municipal activities continuously expand, the size of agenda packages increase accordingly.  The printing of agenda packages and minutes represents a substantial cost in both paper and toner, as well as environmental concerns. 

In an effort to streamline pre and post Council meeting administration while also reducing printing costs and waste, Township of North Huron staff evaluated various Meeting and Agenda Management software suites.  Implementation of eSCRIBE Meeting and Agenda Management software was the resulting recommendation to Council at the December 7th 2015 meeting.

eSCRIBE Meeting and Agenda Management software will assist the Township of North Huron in numerous areas.  Primarily, the suite will provide an efficient means of assembling and distributing agenda packages which in turn unlocks staff time to address other important initiatives.  eSCRIBE also eliminates the need for paper agendas as all agenda packages will be distributed electronically to Councillor iPads or via the Township website for the public.  This not only removes the cost of printing agenda packages but is also an environmentally friendly solution. 

In addition to these great benefits, full agenda packages will be available to the public on the Township of North Huron website. One of many steps that North Huron is taking to ensure transparency in municipal administration and operations. 

The Council of the Township of North Huron recognized these benefits and approved the implementation of eSCRIBE along with the purchase of iPad app upgrades and iPad tablets.

Staff are set to begin the implementation process immediately with a tentative go-live date to be set for early 2016.