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Frozen Water Service Information

Wednesday January 6th, 2016

With the cold winters we experience in the Township of North Huron, the Utilities Department would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the warning signs of freezing water lines as well as the steps to take if you suspect that your water line is frozen.


Some things to look for once we are experiencing consistently low temperatures are:

  • Unexpected low water pressure
  • Your property has a history of frozen services
  • Rusty Water

If you experience any of these please contact a local plumber to come and inspect the problem



Steps to take when you suspect your pipes are frozen:

1. If you suspect your pipes may be frozen contact a licensed plumber to inspect the problem. Have them confirm the service line entering your premise is frozen.

2. If the Service is frozen on Township property have the plumber check if the outside hose bib can be used to connect a temporary water line from your neighbours to your property.

3. Contact your neighbor to confirm they are willing to temporarily supply your household with water, both you and your neighbor will need to keep a tap running during this time to prevent the temporary service from freezing (billing will be adjusted)

4. Confirm that the neighbours outside hose bib can be used for the temporary service

5. Both neighbor and property owner will need to ensure there outside hose bibs are accessible.  

6. Contact the utilities Department @ 519-357-9942 to be added to the list for service, vulnerable customers will be a priority and all other customers will be assisted on a first come first service basis. The Utilities operators will evaluate the situation and confirm the Township service is froze, from there they will assess whether to thaw the Service or hook up a temporary service line.

7. Both the property owner and the neighbor will need to be home before the Township can hookup a temporary service, we will also require signed permission to work on the private property and ensure the property owners are aware that any liability lies with the property owner.

8. Have your plumber confirm your property’s main service valve is a full port Valve (ball Valve) and if not have your plumber install one so the Township can attempt to thaw your frozen service.

9. If your service can’t be thawed and you are on a temporary service make sure you continue to run your water to avoid freezing the temporary line, both property owner and neighbour should run their water.

10. If you have been informed to run your water the Township recommends running your water at the size of the lead of a pencil during the day and at night increase the flow to the size of a pencil to reduce the chance of freezing. If you are hooked up to a temporary service we recommend you running your water at the size of a pencil at all times.

We would like to advise our customers not to attempt to thaw their service on their own with open flame, blow torch, electric thawer or by any other means. Please call a licensed plumber or the Township of North Huron Utilities Department for more information. There are many risks involved when attempting to thaw a service including fire and pipe damage.

If your property has a history of freezing pipes inside the premises there are some things you could do to help prevent this from happening, such as:

  • Insulating your service lines
  • Opening cabinet doors where water lines run to allow better access of your heat supply to penetrate the lines
  • Disconnect outside hoses for the winter
  • Keep garage doors closed if you have water lines running near the garage
  • Where you can leave snow covering outside water lines to add extra insulation to the pipes
  • If you are going away during the cold weather, ensure you leave the heat on at your property, also have someone available to check your house and make sure your pipes haven’t froze or burst.

If you have any questions please contact a licensed plumber or the North Huron Utilities Department at 519-357-9942