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October 2011 - North Huron Notes

Wednesday October 5th, 2011

You’ve probably noticed and heard the recent media coverage about North Huron’s Strategic Planning initiative.   What is strategic planning and why is it important?

Strategic planning is a process to determine our long-term vision and goals, and develop an action plan for achieving those goals.  Talking about what we need to do as a municipality is important, but we need to take this a step further.  We need a written detailed plan that is endorsed by the community and adopted by Council.  As part of the development of this plan, we need to consult with residents, businesses, non-profits agencies, and youth.   To date, we’ve held three public meetings in Blyth, East Wawanosh, and Wingham and we’re having roundtable discussions with stakeholders.   These meetings have been well attended and have generated a lot of discussion about our challenges and opportunities, what are priorities should be, as well as the assets we have that need to be promoted and leveraged for further growth and development.

In addition to public meetings, we’ve mailed a Citizen Survey to every North Huron household.   This survey asks residents questions about their level of satisfaction with programs and services, and to rank their importance.   The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and all surveys will be kept confidential.   This survey can also be completed on-line at www.northhuron.ca, under “Strategic Planning.”

Why is strategic planning important?  For North Huron to keep future tax increases at reasonable levels, attract new residents, attract businesses and economic development, and pay for our programs and services, we need a detailed plan to guide our decision making and focus our resources on goals and priorities.  Sitting back, doing nothing, and hoping things go our way is not an option.   We need to be pro-active about our future and have a written plan that sets out a vision, establishes goals, and identifies key priorities. 

It’s important that this strategic plan reflect the views, ideas, and priorities of the community and Council, and that a consensus emerges on the best way to deal with our future.
What you think matters to us.  This is your community and your future.   We look forward to
hearing from you.  Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gary Long