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Municipal Election

2018 Municipal Election

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Voter Turnout Statistics:


2018 Election - Candidate Financial Statements (Form 4) Filed

All Candidates (acclaimed or elected) must file a complete Financial Statement by 2PM on March 29, 2019. The Statement must be filing using the Ministry of Municipal Affairs FORM 4.


Name of Candidate

Date Filed

Link to Form 4


Bernie Bailey

 March 19, 2019



Neil G. Vincent

 February 27, 2019


Blyth Ward Councillor

Terry Brake

 March 26, 2019



Brad Carther

 November 7, 2018



Kevin Falconer

 November 2, 2018



Ric McBurney

 March 19, 2019



David Onn

 April 27, 2019


East Wawanosh Councillor

John Brown

 November 6, 2018



Jordan Hodgins

 March 28, 2019



Alice McDowell

 January 18, 2019



Chris Palmer

 December 4, 2018



Anita Van Hittersum

 November 28, 2018


Wingham Ward Councillor

Paul Heffer

 January 18, 2019



Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga

 March 29, 2019



Trevor Seip

November 1, 2018




Agost Vaday

October 24, 2018


Trustee (Acclaimed)

Avon Maitland District School Board

Colleen Schenk

 February 27, 2019




Accessibility Report & Plan

The legislative requirement for the Township of North Huron to ensure an accessible election, where every elector and candidate has the opportunity to fully participate, is set out in the Ontario Municipal Elections Act and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

The Clerk is responsible for preparing a Plan the outlines the identification, removal and prevention of barriers that affect electors with disabilities.

The Clerk is responsible for, within 90 days of the election, to prepare a report about the identification, removal and prevention of barriers that may have effected electors and/or candidates during the election process.

The Township of North Huron did not receive any Feedback from electors or candidates that indicated there were issues with barriers during the election process.

Staff identified that the use of touch-screen technology in the Voting Kiosks would benefit voters who are not comfortable using a mouse (point & click).


Click here for the 2018 North Huron Election Accessibility Plan

Click here for the 2018 North Huron Election Accessibility Report