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Fees and Charges

Most municipal services are subsidized from property taxes.  User fee increases allow the Township of North Huron to reduce the impact on the tax rate while continuing to provide high levels of service to our customers.

Hard copies of fees and charges and the related by-law can be obtained from the Municipal Office at 274 Josephine Street, Wingham.

Fees and Charges Annual Review

As part of the annual business planning and budget schedule, all rates and fees are reviewed and may be adjusted based on but not limited to, various factors such as inflation, participation in/use of given programs, and cost recovery targets. 

The Township of North Huron passed the applicable by-law under the Municipal Act 2001 and the Planning Act on December 18, 2017 for fees and charges effective January 1, 2018.

2018 Fees and Charges

By-law No. 113-2017, Amended by By-law No. 18-2018 and By-law No. 30-2018

Schedule A: Administration Fees

Schedule B: Animal License Fees

Schedule C: Building Classes and Fees

Schedule D: Cemetery

Schedule E: Public Works Fees and Charges

Schedule F: Licenses

Schedule G: Planning Fees

Schedule H: Recreation and Facilities

Schedule I: Taxi Fees

Schedule J: Water and Wastewater

Schedule K: North Huron Children's Programs

Schedule L: Emergency Services / Non-Emergency Fees

Schedule M: Emergency Services Training Centre (ESTC)

Schedule N: Development Charges

Schedule O: Licence Fees