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Policy Statement

Policy Statement

“The Township of North Huron (Owner) together with Veolia Water Canada (Operating Authority) are responsible for the groundwater treatment and supply systems serving the former Town of Wingham and the former Village of Blyth. Together we are committed to ensuring a consistent supply of safe, high quality drinking water to the consumers by meeting or exceeding all applicable regulatory standards and complies with applicable legislation and regulation.

The quality is ensured by the implementation, continual improvement and updating of a Management System comprised of policies, procedures, instructions, and forms that demonstrate and support:
- Risk-based treatment process and distribution evaluation,
- Staff competency, which includes adequate training and review,
- Open, regular communications with stakeholders,
- Workplace safety, and
- Appropriate contingency/incident response measures.

The Township of North Huron (Owners) together with Veolia Water Canada (Operating Authority) are responsible for understanding, implementing, maintaining and contributing to the continual improvement of the Drinking Water Quality Management System.”


 Contact Information

Veolia Water Canada North Huron Office
Daytime Phone: 519-357-9942 
Fax: 519-524-9358

For Water and Sewer after hours Emergency call: 519-531-0049

The following information is available by request during regular hours 7:00am-3:30pm Monday to Friday free of charge at the North Huron Municipal Office or Veolia Water Canada North Huron Office.

1. A copy of every test result obtained in respect of a test required under O.Reg 170/03, or under an approval or order, including an OWRA order
2. A copy of every approval and every order, including OWRA orders, that applies to the system and is still in effect, if the approval or order was issued after january1, 2001
3. Annual Reports are available on the Website at www.northhuron.ca  under the water/sewer department information
4. A copy of any report required under schedule 21 or 22
5. A copy of O.Reg 170/03 S.12 (1); O.Reg 247/06, S.11.

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